Nature at the heart of creation

Since the dawn of time, human kind has never ceased to explore the world. Whether it is untapped earth, new ideas, flamboyant creations, we all share the love of discovery, the instinct of exploration and creation.

Iumé was born from this aspiration. An honest, smart and committed brand, that resembles us.

Noble materials

Our concept: a combination of rich, human and eco-friendly olfactory experiences thanks to 100% green, OGM and pesticide free waxes, to which are added 100% natural fragrances, alcohol free and exclusively composed of essential oils and absolutes.

For an uncompromising quality and the reduction of our carbon footprint, our candles are handmade in France.

An olfactive trip

Our fine and elegant candles convene Nature at the heart of your home, to transport you from the vast forests of Altaï, to the Moroccan gardens, up to the pure and fresh French alps… With a touch of discreet aestheticism to perfect your interior.

We choose the finest natural raw materials in the world to offer the best of Nature.

Our Nose

It is nature and all its features that give iumé meaning.
Our guideline allows us to use unique raw materials and work closely with the best artisans: perfumers, candle-makers…in order to create high-end candles with delicate fragrances.

Our fragrances are developed in France in partnership with exceptional Noses.