Candle Tendre Patchouli

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Olfactory notes : Ginger – Ylang Ylang – Patchouli – Tonka Bean

Indonesian Patchouli and spiced ginger combine into a familiar and comforting scent reminiscent of warm skin. The soft, sweet balsamic aroma bathe you in a hazy, ethereal glow.

  • 100% natural fragrances.

  • 100% natural wax, vegan, vegetal, free of GMO and pesticides.

  • The 100% cotton wick guarantees an optimal flaring.

  • Reuse of our packagings for other purposes.

  • Hand Made in France.


Additional information

Weight 180 g
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 9.2 cm
Burning time

Up to 50 hours

  • During the first use, light the candle until the whole surface liquefies (around 2h30 -3h). This will prevent the formation of holes or residue on the glass.

  • Regularly cut the wick to prevent the candle to smoke and realign It for a homogenous flaring.

  • The use of a candle snuffer prevents black smoke and preserves the perfume.

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