Beyond-vegan candles

Free of GMO and ingredients from animal origin

Our aim at Iumé is to minimize its environmental impact. Because we care about Nature’s and life’s futur we have decided to produce vegan products.
Not only we want to respect animal welfare, but also prove that it is possible to create beautiful objects and quality fragrances without damaging the environment. Our candles are therefore 100% free of beeswax, pesticides and GMO. Our fragrances do not contain any animal ingredient such as musk, civet, honey or ambergris.
Our products are manufactured locally in order to control their quality, minimise our carbon footprint and ensure close relationships with our suppliers. To improve our impact on the environment, our boxes and candle vessels are made of recycled paper, cardboard and can be reused, recycled or upcycled..

Iumé helps beekeepers

We are aware that our brand production requires energy and electricity that may impact on our eco-system. To neutralise our demands on Nature we compensate by regularly contributing to an animal and environmental welfare association. We have chosen one that is particularly special to us: Un Toit Pour Les Abeilles (a roof for bees), an association that protects the life cycle of bees and the expansion of their colonies.

In September 2018, the United-States Fish and Wildlife service officially classified bees as an endangered species. The pollinating insects’ disappearance phenomenon is called: “the colony collapse disorder’. Its causes are diverse, but chiefly include insecticides, pesticides, pollution and deforestation. Pollinating insects enable the reproduction of 80% of the planet’s flora; without them the consequences on Earth’s vegetation could be disastrous.

In order to multiply bees colonies in France and preserve our environment, Iumé endorses French beekeepers by sponsoring beehives.

Iume Responsible & Natural Luxury

100% Natural Perfumes

Without GMO

Reusing our packaging

For other applications: tea box for example

Cruelty free

Products not tested on animals

Use of natural materials

(Or recycled) Recycled cardboard and paper, wood from sustainable sectors

French made

Boxes & candles

100% natural wax

Vegetable & Vegan