Natural scented candles

It is the insatiable human desire for travel, adventure, discovery and exploration that drives us at Iumé. This profound pull towards faraway lands is what inspires our creative process, guiding our choice of ingredients to replicate the emotions of hedonistic escape. Because when we travel, we shift our focus from superficial tensions to meditative reflection, easing our grip on control and losing our way in the most positive, healthy and beautiful way. Our goal at Iumé is to replicate that re-grounding transition and to give you a mindful moment of calm and clarity.
Getting lost never smelt so good.

Candle iumé scent mint
Souvenirs de Menthe
Tendre Patchouli
 Scented candle iumé Lueur Epicéa
Lueur d’ Épicéa

Noble materials

Iumé is a 360-degree positive olfactive experience. We use 100% natural cruelty-free and vegan perfumes and waxes, free from synthetics and toxic industrial chemicals. Our global stance on sustainability means that every ingredient is traceable and fairtrade, made by hand as locally as possible from our atelier in France.

An Olfactive trip

Our candles have a subtle but penetrative scent, carefully crafted to fill a space with discretion and delicacy. We bring a conceptual metaphor of Nature into your home, transporting you from a vast and vibrant Altaï forest to a lush and balmy garden in Moroccan, all the way to the cleansing and recuperative purity of the French Alps.

Our nose

Our fragrances are developed in France in collaboration with ‘noses’, a group of perfumers who are classically-trained and exceptionally skilled. We choose only the best raw material from all over the world, to offer you the best of Nature.

Our commitments

100% Natural fragrances

GMO free
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Reuse of our packagings

For other purpose : tea box for instance

Cruelty free

Cruelty-free products

Use of natural materials

Cardboard, recycled paper, green ink, wood from sustainable sectors

French production

Packaging & candles

100% natural

Green & Vegan wax
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